Photo shoot of Fitness model Stephanie Marie for Fitness Gurls
Portrait of fitness model Stephanie Marie shot by Antonio Carrasco for Fitness Gurls Magazine
Fitness model Stephanie Marie leans against punching bag in boxing gym
Outdoor portrait of personal trainer flexing next to huge tire
Action shot of muscular personal trainer lifting weights
Male fitness model with long hair holding dumbbells in each hand
Bodybuilder with perfect abs in studio photo shoot
Color portrait of professional baseball player with muscular torso
Whitney Johns in red outfit working out at gym. Photo by Antonio Carrasco 2017.
Portrait of fitness model Whitney Johns at gym with vibrant color scheme
Model and Personal Trainer Whitney Johns wears activewear while lifting weights
Color portrait of fitness model and entrepreneur Jessica Kiernan
Personal trainer Nicky Elliott lifts dumbbell for studio portrait with vibrant colors
Studio portrait of fitness model with vivid colors
Fitness model Jessica Kiernan poses with weights for photo shoot
Vibrant portrait of female fitness model with pink background
Female bodybuilder and personal trainer Nicky Elliott flexes her abs in this stylish portrait
Color photograph of bodybuilder with huge muscles and tattoos.
Female fitness model with 20 pound weights. Photographed by Antonio Carrasco in Los Angeles, February 2017
Parkour athlete flexes his muscles. Color photo by Antonio Carrasco, January 2017.
Fitness model Caroline Pearce trains in the gym
Bodybuilder flexes bicep for fitness photography shoot in Los Angeles
Male fitness model lifts arms and flexes torso. Black and white photo with high contrast lighting. Photo by Antonio Carrasco.
Dramatic portrait of athlete preparing to run
Black male fitness models with tattoos poses for studio photo shoot in Los Angeles
Male fitness model from India flexes his muscles during photo shoot in Hollywood studio. Dark and dramatic lighting with lots of contrast show his physique.
Bodybuilder from Finland in studio fitness photo shoot in Los Angeles
Female fitness model wearing two piece Adidas outfit lifts kettlebell during studio photo shoot.
Black and white photograph of gymnast with muscular torso
Black and white portrait of male bodybuilder with muscular torso
Portrait of bodybuilder in Hollywood. Black and white photo with high contrast lighting
Photo of very muscular Russian gymnast flexing back and arms. Photo by Antonio Carrasco.
High contrast black and white photo of muscular male fitness model
Bodybuilder with huge muscles and abs poses for studio portrait

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